Trial Throwing:

“Being totally new to ceramic/pottery, I was a bit apprehensive at the start on being able to produce any pots. It was a challenge for me at first, grasping the various throwing/ hand building techniques. However, I was motivated by your willingness to share and had challenged myself in learning the techniques and producing more creative pieces. You also made such amazing glazes which I believe played an important factor in transforming the pots. The pots were beautiful no matter which colours I chose to glaze the pots. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to pursue pottery as a new hobby craft or to further hone their craft.”
~ Valerina Lee, NAC , Basic Throwing

“My first clay experience was a memorable experience shared with my friends. After Hazel, our friendly instructor, teached us basic steps, it was time to try it ourselves. Indeed, clay throwing combines fun, concentration and relaxing moments. Try it yourself!”
~ Claudia Mayer, Trial Throwing

“I had an amazing experience on my first encounter with clay making. It allows you to be in touch with your own senses and a good way to train your concentration. A mix of concentration, stability and right touch brings out a well even piece of art and puts your mind at peace…..”
~ Y Ling, Trial Throwing

“Thank you for the firing my wares after my glaze yesterday, surprise! The wares are beautiful; it would not have been possible if not for your “secret splash glaze”. I had a really fun and enriching time with you at GCS. Appreciate lotsa. Will continue throwing 🙂 You are a wonderful teacher/artist.”
~ May Khor, NAC, Basic Throwing

“It was an amazing experience getting my hands in clay for the first time during the trial Throwing session. It lasted an hour and a half but it made a lasting impression. I have a hectic 9-5 job and Throwing actually managed to relax my mind and body. The instructor was patient and encouraging. Definitely opened up an artistic side of me I never knew I had.”
~ Anitha Pillai, Trial Throwing

“We thought it was great that Goodman Ceramic Studio was able to accommodate our funky request to blast music and dance in the middle of nowhere!
It is very rare to find host/coy which is able to accommodate numerous of our out-of-the-ordinary requests and yet also render excellent and thoughtful service that exceed our expectation and needs.

Very accommodating and sweet host!”

~ Audrey Tan, Ministry of Manpower, Nov 2012

“We definitely had fun and would like to thank the entire team for making our first experience at ceramic art a wonderful one.

Personally, I thought that with the 3 forms of ceramic art (clay mug making, sculpting and wheel throwing trial) we were exposed to were quite different, but of course, greatly enjoyable! It was a pity that we didn’t have the luxury of time to deepen our knowledge of ceramic art.”

~ John Khoo, Singapore Statutory Board, Dec 2012