Courses For Adults

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My First Clay Mug Programme / 1 session – 2 hours / $55

This is a great way to experience clay and be able to make a unique and yet usable mug.
Learn how to transform a pre-formed cylindrical clay shape into a creative and yet functional mug. Style a mug that expresses your personality and taste. Learn from experienced ceramicists and this amazing experience may well be the beginning of a fulfilling adventure in clay.
For corporate bookings, rates from $68 onwards.

Please book your sessions online.

Basic Hand-building Programme / 4 sessions -2 hours / $190

Handbuilding is the term that refers to the several techniques of building pots and vessels using the hands and simple tools, rather than the potters’ electric wheel.
The techniques covers making these forms from these primary form:
1) Pinching – forming a bowl from a lump of clay using the fingers
2) Coiling – building a vessel from a coil
3) Slabwork – constructing a boxy form using a piece of clay

Of course, developing craftmanship take more than one lesson. These are taster and very introductory programme. These sessions are essentially about discovering what is possible with clay. Basic glazing is coverered during the 4th lesson.

First lesson starts on every first Saturday and Wednesday of the month. Lessons coinciding with a public holiday will be pushed back to the following week.

Class schedule:
Every Sat: 230-430pm
Every Wed: 10am-12pm

Please book your sessions online.

Trial Throwing / 1 session -1.5 hours / $55

Looking for a one time wheel throwing experience? The trial throwing programme way is the perfect way to get a taster of this exhilarating experience. This session is also a great opportunity to have all your queries answered about the learnings of the full programme.
For corporate bookings, rates from $68 onwards.

Class schedule:
Every Sat: 10-1130am / 130-3pm / 330-5pm
Every Tue: 1-230pm

Basic Throwing / 10 sessions -2 hours each / $680

Nothing quite beats the idea of using one’s fingers to transform a soft lump of clay into a functional piece of Art within minutes. At Goodman Ceramic Studio, we offer small classes with the personal attention of Tom Lim, a verteran in throwing teaching.In the first series of lessons (10 lessons), expect to get an intimate experience with the clay. Learn how to center, open and pull simple cylinders. For the kinestically inclined, you will find youself shaping and creating unqiue forms in a jifty.Book into our one-off trial throwing sessions of 1.5 hours to get a good sensing of this technique.

This is a flexible 10 sessions programme that is 2 hours in duration per session.
Class Schedule:
Every Tue: 10am-12pm
Every Wed: 10am-12pm
Every Sat: 11am-1pm / 3-5pm
Every Sun: 10am-12pm / 3-5pm

All classes are to be schedule through this online booking system. Please purchase the Pre-paid Package of $680 to book for throwing.
Please book your lessons online.

Pottery Painting / 1 session – 1 to 2 hours / $25 – 45

Painting pottery is great for decorating keepsakes for special occasions, e.g. anniversaries, weddings, new-borns, as well as customising functional wares. We have a wide selection of blank white wares ranging from figurines, dinning wares, boxes, coin banks to tiles.Glazes offered for pottery painting are all food safe after firing. All finished wares are scratch-proof and finished with a high gloss. Fade-proof and dish washer safe. Prices range from $25-45 depending on the item chosen.