Team Building Workshops For Corporations

Art engages at all levels. Working with the hands often relaxes oneself and enhances one’s sense of well-being.

Clay is a medium that offer the opportunity to learn, express and reflect.

At Goodman Ceramic Studio, we offer 2 levels of team building workshops.

1) Fun with Ceramics! (Fun-oriented Pottery Workshop) 2.5 hours

These sessions are normally between 2.5 – 3hours and are held in the pottery studio or at your office premises. Participants can choose from a wide range of projects. See a video clip here.

Through the creation process, participants often reveal a surprising side of themselves, be it their creative or comical selves. The facilitator may offer a short art appreciation session through an informal discussion of selected works. Option for artist’s demonstration on the electric throwing wheel is also available.

Video Links:
Making a Creative Fish Bowl
Pinching a Creative Clay Mug

Making a Creative Coiled Vessel
Making a Bird Sculpture

2) Teambuilding Challenge 1 & 2 Workshops (3.5 – 4.5 hours)

These are longer sessions that are generally in 2 parts. The first half of the session involves the learning of basic hand-building skills such as making a open vessel and sculpting. After a short break, participants work in groups to use clay to explore themes such as social responsibility, values and even elements of a good strategy.

Task with a group project, members are given a certain time-frame to complete and present their creations. Pitching to win the game, members develop better collaborative and co-operative skills.

Please see a video clip here.


Clay is not only fun to work with, but a pliable medium that can be used to express meanings.

Top left: Groups work closely with team members to work out the key elements of the sculpture, the making process and delegation of roles.

Top right: In this instance, the turtles of various sizes represent the diverse strengths of the team and the narrative is about developing more effective group through communications and inter-personal understanding.


Top left: A participant explaining how ethics should be the foundation of growth/wealth, in this instance, as presented by the solid and sturdy tree. Top right: A team making a oasis flanked by a desert. This is a expression of the consequence of ethics in corporate ethics.
What Our Customers say:
“On behalf of the MOM OSHD SPECS Teambuilding Organizing Committee, we would like to thank you and your wonderful team for organizing a fun-filled ceramics session for our department’s teambuilding event yesterday. It was the first time many of us were introduced to ceramics and that certainly left us with many great memories to keep after engaging in both the individual and team activities.
“Everyone had great fun and my colleagues are all very eager to get back their masterpieces and even asked whether they could get it back earlier.” (Elmer Khong, Associate Specialist, Ministry of Manpower, Jan 2014)
‘Thanks very much for leading us through a very fun and educational afternoon with the pottery painting activity. I can see that everyone enjoyed it very much and I am sure we have learnt a lot of important values related to team work.” (Hui Leng, Manager, Ministry of Health, Jan 2014)