Programmes for Kids

Kids Below 7 Years old – Family Clay Fun Programme
Kids can participate with their older siblings and parents under the Family Clay Fun Programme. This is a one-off 2-hour programme that promotes conversations, stirs up your creativity and fosters closer family bonds. The family will decide as a group on what to create and with the trainer’s guidance, your group willcreate a unique claywork complete with colours. This often becomes a family keep-sake.

Kids above 7 years old – Pottery for Kids

Children instinctively use their hands and fingers to knead, pinch and mgregoryould clay. Offer your child the opportunity to create with their hands and expand their imagination through kinesthetic play.

Children learn best when they we engage their senses. The clay lesson focuses on what the child is curious about, and we use clay as the medium to create realistic, fantasy and even abstract works. Children also learn how to create clay artworks as a reflection of themselves. This inquiry-based programme develops a more confident and assured child.

Pottery for Kids programme. This is a 2 hour programme suited to develop the child’s imaginative and creative abilities.

During the holidays, we offer Trial Wheel throwing for Kids. This is a 1 hour session for kids to experience the kinesthetic force of the wheel against the soft lump of clay.



Non-Clay Programme: Pottery Painting Fun!

Painting need not be restricted to a 2D plane.

Gain a fresh perspective to painting by painting on a 3D form.  Painting of 3D form such as creative vessels, coin-banks, and decorative ornaments not only beautifies the ordinary ware, but becomes a permanent keepsake. Take home immediately option available, using quality acrylic paint.

Commemorate special events with pottery painting or give a special someone with a personalized painted gift.

Using Acrylic Paints non-fired option is available.

indian girl plate painting tanglin school

tanglin school plate painting

To be able to take home the work immediately, you can opt to use acrylic paints instead of ceramic glazes.
Above picture: A Community Involvement Project (CIP) sponsored by National Computer Systems Pte Ltd. NCS Pte Ltd brought pupils from Tanglin School came to Goodman Arts Centre to have a hands on experience in pottery painting and making ceramic sculptures.
They had a roaring good time!
“Art has the ability to appeal to people for all age ground and abilities. In making your picture, there is no right and wrong. The process of art-making develops a disciplined hand and focused mind. Celebrate everyone’s uniqueness through creation of art!’ (Hazel Wong)

Unique programmes are born out of passion. If you have a fresh idea, give us a call at 9455 8405 or email us at for a discussion.