Courses For Kids

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My First Clay MugDownload PDF Details

Clay is a very pliable material. You can roll it, pinch it and create infinite markings on the surface. Learn how to transform a preformed cylindrical clay shape into a creative and yet functional mug. Style a mug that expresses your personality and taste. Learn from experienced ceramicists and this may well be the beginning of a fulfilling adventure in clay.

Course Fee: $45 (1 x 1.5hrs)
-1 Guided Session of 1.5 hours
-1 pre-made cylindrical mug
-2nd mug at $25 each
-Option for half hour glazing – colouring session for only $8 per mug (wide selection of colours)
-Includes studio glazing (to gloss-up the mug)
Course outline:
-Introduction to pottery tools.
-Design and layout.
-Carving and addition techniques.
-Option for on-the-spot glazing using under glazing (Half an hour session.)
Class Schedule:
Every Wed: 2 – 3:30pm
Every Sat & Sun: 2- 3:30pm
Other timings are available.
Please enquire with us.

Pottery Painting Download PDF Details

Painting pottery is great for decorating keepsakes for special occasions, e.g. birthdays, father’s or mother’s day, etc, as well as customising functional wares. This also teaches your child about design and function. We have a wide selection of blank white wares ranging from figurines, dinning wares, boxes, coin banks to tiles.

All fired works are food safe, scratch-proof and finished with a high gloss. These would not fade and last forever.

Terrific keepsakes for you or your child!

This is also a great bonding activity for you and your child! Spend quality time together!

Price range from
– $15.80 for a baby seal
– $21.80 for a cupcake box
– $28.80 for a piggy bank
– $58.80 for a 13″ platter plate

  • Includes blank white ware, instructions,
    glazes and firing
  • 2hr time limit for sit-in glazing
  • No minimum pax is required

Basic Hand-building (suitable for ages 10 and upwards) Download PDF Details

This is an introduction to basic hand-building techniques to create organic and angular forms. Create unique organic and angular forms such as bowls and plates.

Course Outline:

-Introduction to use of tools. Pinching Technique.
-Introduction to Creative Coiling Technique.
-Introduction to Slabwork Technique.
-Brush-on Glazing

Class Schedule: (5 x 2hrs)
Saturday 2 – 4pm (4 lessons)
Sunday 10am – 12 noon (4 lessons)
Or minimum of 4 paxes to form a group (custom schedule)

Course Fee: $190 + $10.70* (one-time basic 2 year membership)

-4 Guided Sessions of 2 hours each
-400gsm clay for sessions 1 – 3
-Additional 400 gsm clay at $20
(including firing and glazing)
-F.O.C. Bisque firing, glazing and Glaze firing

Budding Artist Sessions
(13 years old and above)Download PDF Details

Take charge of your learning. Goodman Ceramic Studio is staffed by a team of successful ceramicists. Learn from practicing ceramicists through our budding artist scheme. Bring in your ideas and work with our artists to learn the skills of creating that unique piece. Prior experience is required.

Course Fee: $80 – 150 per session (depending on the technique taught)
* locker rental: complimentary during programme
Requirement:Basic handbuilding and/or throwing experience required. Assessment by our trainer is based on assessment of portfolio as well as an informal assessment.

1) Customised workshop is based on minimum of 4 guided sesssions. All studio charges apply.
2) The ceramic art making process is often long and tedious. Learning how to persist and perservere is one of the skills we teach. Trainers are tasked to teach and not to finish up student’s work.
3) Management reserves the right to amend the teaching course.
4) Upon confirmation of schedule, make up sessions are based on our discretion.
5) Works of good quality are eligible for participation in Goodman Ceramic Studio’s quarterly exhibition, the Potters’ Bazaar.

Parent and Child Sessions Download PDF Details

(Suitable for kids 4yrs and above)

Children instinctively use their hands and fingers to knead, pinch and mould clay. Offer your child the opportunity to create with their hands and expand their imagination through kinesthetic play. The wide variety of works on display in the studio offers the promise to inspire!

Course Fee: $190 + $10.70*
(one-time registration fee)
One off Trial session: $50 (1.15 hours)
Price includes:
– 4 Guided Sessions of 1.15 hours each
– 400gsm clay for sessions 1 – 3.
– Additional 400 gsm clay at $20
(including firing and glazing)
– F.O.C. Bisque firing, glazing and Glaze firing
– Additional child $80
– Parent and guardian swappable.
Note: sessions are based on attendance, not actual turnout.
Class Schedule:
Book in basis.
Validity: 2 months