Programmes For Teachers

Ceramic art develops spatial and creative skills in children. Learn the basic hand-building techniques that are appropriate for your students.

We offer a wide range of professional Training for teachers.

For pre-school teachers
For primary school teachers
For secondary school teachers

Basic Handbuilding Workshop (6 hours)

Use 3 basic hand-building techniques (pinching, coiling & slabwork)

  • Pinching Technique
  • Coiling Technique (optional)
  • Ceramic Sculpture Technique (Working with solids)
  • Slab Technique
  • Using brush-on glazes
  • Learn how to demonstrate and explain key points of ceramic techniques to children

Course Fee: $1500  (max of 10 teachers)

Teaching Ceramics to Children Advanced Level (6 hours)

Course Outline:

  • Planning for projects
  • Incorporating Co-operative and social emotional learning objectives
  • Developing thinking skills through Art
  • Firing considerations and loading kilns
  • Conducting critique sessions and assessments
  • Advance technique (handbuilding and glazing)

Course Fee: $1500 (max of 10 teachers)
– Includes materials, firing, use of tools
and notes.

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Teachers learn how to make more intricate vessels and create attractive decorative elements using glass and under-glazes.

Satisfied customers include:
Eton House International
St Andrew’s Autism School
Yu Neng Primary School
Bukit View Primary School
Bukit View Primary School
Dazhong Primary School
Hong Kah Primary School
Keming Primary School
Princess Elizabeth Primary School
St Anthony’s Primary School
St Hilda’ Primary School
Bukit View Secondary School
Hong Kah Secondary School
Hua Yi Secondary School
Jurongville Secondary School
Yuan Ching Secondary School

* programmes are taught by Hazel Wong, Art Education Specialist (NIEI) and ceramic muralist.