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  • Stains and Oxides
    • These raw materials can be wedged into clay to colour it, added to clear glazes, or made into a thick liquid and used for drawing on or colouring clay, similar to a slip.
  • Glaze Base

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We offer a wide range of clay from Cone 4-6 White Stoneware to Cone 10 Red Stoneware to Porcelain.

  • OH6 Cone 4-6
    • White Stoneware. Very smooth throwing clay.
  • BC Cone 4-6
    • Smooth clay, high in ball clay that throws well. A light coloured clay. No grog. Like OH with addition fireclay
  • BCS Cone 4-6
    • Similar to BC Cone 6 with addition of 10% sand for texture
  • Oregon Red Cone 4-6
    • Rich red stoneware with 10% sand.
    • Throws and hand builds well
  • Swan Creek Cone 6
    • A light buff coloured good throwing clay. Good for hand-building, with 10% sand.
  • JG Porcelain
    • A blend of grolleg kaolin and ball clays. Good to throw. Really tense.
      A good step towards porcelain
  • White Porcelain
    • Fine, hard and white vitrified clay body that is high-fired
  • Bedrock Sculpture Cone 10
    • Sculpturing clay for large works
  • OH White Cone 10
    • Good throwing characteristics. High in ball clay. Considered as “white stoneware”. Similar to Laguna B mix
  • BCSCone 10
    • Goof for throwing. With 10% fine grog.
  • Dakota Red Cone 10
    • Good for throwing and hand-build. 10% sand for texture. Terracotta look.
  • CDN Cone 10
    • Stoneware with more feldspar than normal. Dense with 10% sand
  • Walkers School Clay
    • General medium groggy school clay. Off white in colour, with medium texture. Firing Range 1000-1280°C.
  • Walkers Cocktail Clay
    • An off white blend of assorted clays with medium texture.
    • Firing range 1000-1600°C.
  • Walkers Raku
    • Suit to throw, hand-build, slab, even raku.
    • White to cream in colour with medium / coarse in texture.
    • Firing Range 800-1300°C


  • Low Fire: Fired at Cone 06 -04
    • Used to achieve very vivid and bright colours.
    • Chrysanthos CC Glaze PDF Prices
    • Chrysanthos FG Glaze PDF Prices
    • Chrysanthos SG Glaze PDF Prices
  • Mid Fire: Fired at Cone 4 -6
    • Used for more muted, earthy tones.
  • High Fire: Fired at Cone 9-10
  • Underglazes:
    • These glazes are used to get consistent colours. Sometimes these are left as matt, sometimes these are covered with a clear or translucent glaze.
    • Chrysanthos UG Glaze PDF Prices


Why do we only use electrical kilns? Bisque firing can be best done in the relatively clean atmosphere of an electric kiln. The initial heating of an electric kiln is easy to control. There are controllers and firing schedules are programmable. There is minimum monitoring of the kilns. Electrical kiln firing also allows more consistent colouring.

We have 5 kilns available at the studio for various firing:

Kiln Types Internal Measurements Cubit Feet Cone
Test Kiln 33cm Diam x 45cm Height
(7 sides)
1.4 Up to Cone 10
Front Loading   11.5 Bisque only
Davinci Production
Square Kiln
7.3 cm Wide x 67.3 cm Deep
x 68.6 cm High
11.7 Up to Cone 6
eQuad Production
Kiln (2 Kilns)
71.1cm Diam x 68.6cm Height 10.2 Up to Cone 10

These kilns are available for rental Download View Prices

Slab Roller

This is an indispensable piece of equipment for tile makers. The Slab Roller flattens clay to various thickness.


An extruder is a machine that passes clay through a cross-section mold to create a final product that is forced into a specific shape. Clay, which passes through extruders come out in a long tubular shape, either hollow or solid.

Pug Mill

Pug mill is a machine used to recycle or blend clay to a more usable state. In the pug mill, clay is pushed through some fine screens and forced out the nozzle. This soft clay is ready for use on the potter’s wheel.

Potter’s Wheel

Potter’s wheels are used in the throwing technique of pottery. Use of this equipment creates round and symmetrical wares, such as pots, vases, plates and bowls. It is also used to trim excess clay from dried wares and apply incised decoration on dried wares. All our potter’s wheels are electrical, which is for better ease of use. Speed of the wheel can be controlled, like stepping on the accelerator of a car.

Prior booking is required as there are limited wheels available.

Electrical Kilns for production or small studio use

We offer the only PLUG IN and use small studio Kiln. Installation with an electrician is not required.

We also have various production kilns, ranging from 6.7 cubic feet to 15 cubic feet, suitable for schools or ceramic studios. There is also a kiln exhaust system which you can purchase to improve ventilation in your studio.

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Pug Mill, Extruder and Banding Wheels are also available