Educational Workshops for Everyone

When you visit Goodman Ceramic Studio, you will see various types of projects – most still in various work-in-progress stages. Taking a closer look, you will see that the 3D works are varied and often manifestations of unique ideas and thoughts.

Our programmes, just like the on-going projects, tailor to various community segments and with varying levels of engagement.

Goodman Ceramic Studio is a platform to promote awareness and appreciation of the art form through custom workshops. Our workshops fit the corporate needs of all sectors; including corporations, private pre-schools, special needs schools and community activists and grassroots organisations.

The reason is simple. The versatility of the material lends itself to limitless forms; the tactile quality of clay makes it a versatile medium for both individual as well as corporate objectives.

Here’s a sampling of the type of programmes available:

1) Introduction to the benefits of ceramics
A fun presentation by ceramic artists detailing the history and techniques of ceramic art. Participants will engage in a short hands-on session to gain an intimate acquaintance with the pliable medium.

Suited for: community stakeholders, school leaders, Human Resource specialists, event organisers

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

2) Teachers’ Training – using ceramic art to develop the holistic child
– suited for: MOE and private sector teachers
Duration: 6 Modules
Duration per module: 3 hours x 2 sessions

3) An introduction to form and technique
– suited for: teachers and museum curators, gallery management

4) Corporate Team-building programmes
-What better way to build camaradie and bonding through short but fun activities? These lunch-time art engagement and wellness programmes bring people together and improves your staff’s overall wellness. Choose from a wide array of relaxing pottery painting and clay making activities.

Longer half to full day ceramic programmes that serve to not only educate (participants on the art form), but also harnesses the power of art to facilitates the individual’s understanding of corporate and business goals and objectives.

A clay workshop can be crafted to meet objectives from developing individual’s creativity to developing self resilience and team resilience.
– The benefits of deepening understanding through the arts builds team strength and cohesiveness to better cope with failure and stress.

Video samples of ceramic sculpture demonstration videos:
Making a Ceramic Bird Sculpture

Contact: for an informal discussion, please email: or callĀ  9455 8405.